Self ACTUALISATION and anti selfies

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All these works are produced using a mix of digital and computational techniques. They are designed as Baudrillardian Simulacra, and explore what tech can offer me as an artist. They are finally rendered on canvas and framed with fake distressed frames to complete the simulacrum.

Expressed through the language afforded by Northern European expressionism (my culture) the pieces have been part of a journey to full self actualisation which I think I’ve achieved and which can sometimes be uncomfortable for others as I no longer accept any BS, at all. I know what I am now.

In combination with the music I think my work is one of the most powerful statements I can make about a key reason we make art and it isn’t commercial, or commoditisation. I’m convinced it’s about an inherent ability to test the world outside in an abstract way and also to be able achieve self actualisation. It’s also a our expression of creativity who via something that is highly advantageous in terms of evolutionary advantage. Getting ignored by the art world is frustrating at times but ultimately doesn’t matter. My art is made by me and is therefore a part of me, it’s sensory outputs from our skin suited nervous systems.

It’s also fun.. .