About my antiselfies

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Here’s a piece on madness and mental health, done during lockdown. It’s one of my Antiselfies.

For the ones who don’t know. This is a Baudrillardian simulacra of an expressionist painting, as are all my antiselfies. It was done from a drawing that I glitched and manipulated algorithmically before being digitally painted into. The simulacra was created by rendering it onto canvas and framing with an ersatz distressed frame, thus making it a copy of a painting that never existed.

It is purely a product of the computer age but it sits firmly within the long art history of my own Northern European culture in terms of its aesthetic. It also presents all the internal messiness in our lives that we curate out of our selfies. My antiselfies eviscerate and condemn selfie culture. We post curated beauty, this is what we leave out. A digital Dorian Gray if you like.

This is both cutting edge contemporary and buried in tradition.

My intention was to make computer based art that could move you so I enmeshed it in existing artistic language that I knew has developed well enough to be able to convey those emotions.

In a small way I also hope my work helps dispel the myth and the constant attack that arts education are no good for developing computing skills of the future. My computing skills were developed in an art school. Those politicians are fools of the highest order.

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