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Just a doodle and some idle thoughts.

It’s clear that the UK government does not value the arts as force for the economy. In Languages for example, they are now insisting that business terms replace cultural terms, not exist alongside but replace and the funding for HE arts course is being pulled away meaning the arts will soon be the preserve of the rich as it was in Victorian times, where their whole world view is stuck.

But the arts can fight back. If we look at at art schools in articular, the modern model was something that emerged from that pioneered by the Bauhaus a hundred years ago and it both a reflection of and integrated into the mass production world that had emerged then. Similarly art skills can be totally integrated into the context of the modern and emerging industrial complex.

There are some pioneering creativity schools tackling new ways of doing things but their models are not having as big an effect on mainstream education as one would hope, which is probably because of the failures of policy makers to recognize moving forwards as being good as opposed to going backwards.

There are many ways I can see of using art skills to drive the new economy, the diagram above is just one potential model and indeed this model could be applied right through the system. All it takes is receptiveness and openness to new ideas.

Of course that would require education leaders with imagination.

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