Fragmental; My New RELEASE, A Soundtrack To An 80’s Film That Never Was.

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Live on MAY 4th on all major streaming services, FRAGMENTAL is an album in parts.

Like my last release Mysterious Spaceship Moon, FRAGMENTAL is another soundtrack to a movie that never existed.

Available on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Deezer, Bandcamp, Amazon and more.

Simply search for Fragmental or Richard F Adams

This time it’s the soundtrack to a 1980’s Cronenberg or Lynchian psych-out, surreal cyber-thriller. It’s electronic sounding, it feels cold, it jars sometimes and it exists in an 8-bit neon cyan-soaked tech world. It’s a fluorescent dream-state created by the fragments of the protagonist’s mind and fragmenting mental states.

I was tempted to go full on synth electronic but I decided to keep it pseudo-orchestral as I like the pallette that gives me. The timbral range seem to suit me better and I think it’s more in keeping with the spirit of the films that have influenced it, in that it sounds like reality but yet it obviously isn’t. Like Lynch’s Twin Peaks, it’s a heightened reality that in parts descends into other things. Its dressed in the the cyan, 8-bt neon of Tron and each FRAGMENT has a different LED colour and is a different state of mind. In my head, the non existent film is a slow, unfolding electro-trip just like Russell’s Altered States.

In the never-was future of the 1980s we would all have an internal, cyan, 8-bit all-seeing eye.