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If you think you’re making computer or digital art, ask yourself these questions. 

I’ve written them down as a few people over the last year have asked me questions about courses, as I’ve written quite a few at MA level and lower. They underpinned how I was taught computing for art and I used them when I was creating courses in that area at universities. Funnily enough I think as time has passed they’ve become more relevant and indeed might be used, modified of course, for any art course in any domain.

Do you know what a computer is, how it works and what it does? 

Do you know the difference between computer art and digital art? Is there one?

Do you understand what network art and AI art are ?

Do you know what a pixel is and how to manipulate it? 

Do you understand visual semiotics and formal aesthetic elements?

Have you considered your philosophy of art as applied in these media? 

Are you making “push button art” and what is that about?

Are you making “cut copy and paste” art?

If you are, are you aware of its historical and cultural context and traditions?

Are you making art that sits within a tradition and if so what? 

Do you know that computer art has a history? 

Do you know what a vector is?

Have you ever written and programmed an algorithm for the purpose of art?

Do you understand how algorithms can drive the artwork? 

Just think about what you’re doing. Art is wonderful, let’s keep it thoughtful.