Haunted selfies…the anti-selfie

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Instagram rots the soul –artist mocks the impermanence of screen selfies

Richard Adams — not that one — an artist who is not a digital native has mocked the obsession with getting digital perfection and mock emotional support ‘Likes’  from Facebook-owned Instagram. 

Richard has created a series of antithesis Selfies which chart his health crisis and slow recovery in 2018.  

Yorkshire-born Adams almost died in 2018 — and developed techniques to explore his fear, his darkness and his slow recovery in a series of amazingly haunting A-Selfies to show how imperfect and awful life actually is.  The Series of A-Selfies mirror some of the great art works which came from the pre-digital techniques of artists who had deep, mental health problems – like van Gogh and Munch.

In the commercial period now when some brands, like niche cosmetics company Lush,  are withdrawing from social media to concentrate time & money on other ways to promote and develop their relationships – The Adams Show mocks the obsession with Likes and Engagement.

Richard said

“Digital techniques to mock digital obsession with photo-images and their manipulation have given me a real drive to show how pathetic social media have become.  We are all here today and gone tomorrow – and so are social media.”

Haunted Selfies will be at The Robert Phillips Gallery, Riverhouse Barn, Manor Road, Walton-on-Thames. KT12 2PF between Thursday 9th May and Sunday 19th May, 2019, 10am – 4pm daily. 

supported by the RC Sherriff Trust