I don’t see myself as a photographer when I make photos, I only see myself as an artist who uses a camera occasionally to produce photographic work. I sometimes get asked about it and inevitably get statements such as “you must have a good camera” or “what lens?” I literally don’t think about those things. I just make art with light. 

I do have a technical command of photography (I used to teach it) but all my pieces are seen in my mind as art.

I collect  my photographic work under the title  Modern Beauty as I  try to capture moments of absolute beauty the modern environments, moments that I think everyone sees but that pass by in the blink of an eye. This means the work sometimes is an odd mix of natural and built, like the ones here which show a leasing juxtaposition of engineering and nature and were taken on an iphone from the window of 7.30am KGX to York train. You’ve all seen moments like this. I try to capture them. 




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