Modern beauty is the name I give to my exteriors photography.

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


This project is an ongoing project to capture those flashes of beauty that we often see in the corner of our eyes, as fleeting glimpses. The images don’t hide the reality of the modern world but they aim to bring out the inherent beauty that does exist, even in concrete blocks.

The post industrial urban landscape we live in even has a massive effect on the countryside, the looking cooling towers and elegant pylons have never looked better that at that fleeting moment where the rising sunlight catches them and renders them as modern golden colossi, sitting and bathing in the sunlight.

Or, we walk past a set of buildings and captures a flash of something in the spaces between… a monetary glimpse of another view of the world we are building.

Modern beauty isn’t classical and it isn’t industrial, its all about perception. My work brings those fleeting moments to life.

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