About Richard

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but too often the beholder needs glasses. That’s the role of the artist.

Richard trained in art at four different art schools. In the early 90’s he became fascinated by computers and became a pioneering computer artist and award-winning teacher of art and music.

Since then he has applied his art and creativity to solving tech problems for large business and has been a pioneer in interactive TV, made games, worked as a programmer, creative director, head of digital and highly successful independent enterprise consultant at many companies including Microsoft XBox, BBC, BSkyB, Aviva and The Royal Shakespeare Company.

He also founded a digital arts department at the London College of Music (TVU), co-founded and was Principal at the School of Communication Arts. He has taught creativity, art and technology at UWL(TVU),  Birkbeck College, London College of Fashion, School of Communication Arts, and he held a visiting Professorship at Salford University. He is currently Visiting Senior Fellow at the University of Lincoln.

He is a BAFTA member, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and member of the Society of Authors. He is also currently the Head of Creativity and Educational Strategy at Professors Without Borders.

He has spoken at dozens of conferences, written and published books, has written in many magazines and currently writes about art and digital practice at www.create-hub.com where he also co-creates TECHnique podcasts of interviews with digital artists which can be subscribed to here on iTunes and also here on Soundcloud. 

He writes and records electronic chamber music and has completed four albums.

More recently, he has started exhibiting his images again. His works are a synthesis of artistic insight and technological techniques, that aid creativity, and the artistic process. They represent a hybrid of digital photography and digital paintings.

His Haunted Selfie work explores the dark underbelly of selfie culture and sits firmly in the Northern European tradition, except they are digital paintings. 

His allied photography looks at fleeting moments that we see out of the corner of our eyes. Fragmentary moments of modern Beauty. 

He has had a recent solo show and has another coming up. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but too often the beholder needs glasses. That’s the role of the artist.